Is Your Science Exam Too Hard?

Well, then I guess you’ve got two options. 1 – Study more. Or 2- Get more multiple choice questions on the test:

Exam boards in England are planning to put more simple questions in science papers, the Times reports.
A document seen by the newspaper says that from next year, some papers should consist of 70% “low demand” questions, instead of the current level of 55%.
The document was prepared by the umbrella group of exam boards, the Joint Council for Qualifications.
There is concern that fewer students are taking science GCSEs, although there was a small upturn this year.
Since 1984, the number of people studying A-level physics has slumped by 57% and the take-up of chemistry has dropped by 28%.
Under the new proposals, exams would contain fewer tough questions requiring detailed answers and more that ask students to tick a multiple-choice box, the Times said.

Sounds like a brilliant plan to improve the quality of English science, it does.
And the students will feel better about themselves, which is really what matters most.

3 Responses to “Is Your Science Exam Too Hard?”

  1. nightfly says:

    Demand little and you’re likely to get what you asked for. Good luck with that, chaps.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Pretty soon a science degree will only good for wiping one’s brow while working over the deep fryer.

  3. John says:

    The English educational system has been hell bent on eliminating the next generation of English scientists for quite some time. You are going to see a social situation very similar to that right before the Great War, where only the elites dabble in science, becuase they pay for their own educations in “public” schools.

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