Israel Talks “Take-Out”

…and not with the fat police. You’re pretty much screwed when they tell the world they’re coming after you…I hope someone’s scattering the virgins.

Justice Minister Haim Ramon said Wednesday that Hamas’s Syria-based leader, Khaled Mashaal, is a target for assassination for ordering the kidnapping of an Israeli soldier in the Gaza Strip.
“He is definitely in our sights … he is a target,” Ramon told Army Radio. “Khaled Mashaal, as some who is overseeing, actually commanding the terror acts, is definitely a target.”

Swill Salute: Counterterrorism Blog.
UPDATE: In keeping with the ‘scattering of virgins’ theme, there could well be more murdering bastards headed that way…

In Moscow, meanwhile, President Vladimir Putin ordered the special services to hunt down and “destroy” the killers of four Russian Embassy workers in Iraq, the Kremlin said.

I really, really thought it was a bad career move to grab the Russians, less mind behead them, but these big Jihadiis know everything.
When the Russians get ahold of these a$$holes, they’ll make their little execution videos look like amateur night.

3 Responses to “Israel Talks “Take-Out””

  1. John says:

    Remember when Hezbollah kidnapped 4 Soviet operatives back in the 1985? The KGB found a relative of the Hezbollah commander and mailed his head, sans body, back to his family, after one of the 4 was killed. The Russians claim that one the KGB got going, bodies showed up all over Beruit.
    September 30
    Four Soviet diplomats kidnapped in Beirut, Lebanon by Islamic Liberation Organisation, which was thought to be a front for the Iranian backed Hezbollah. One of the Russians was killed but the other three were released unharmed after a relative of the terrorist group’s leaders was kidnapped and killed by the Soviet KGB.

    It don’t pay to mess with the Committee for State Security.

  2. John says:

    Translation: “Terrorism is a Disease. … Meet the Doctor”.

  3. BBHHUUWAHahahaha!!! I had a feeling they’d do something EXACTLY like that, John!!

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