Israeli TV is Reporting IRANIAN Fighters

among the dead.

Members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard have been found among Hizbollah guerrillas slain by Israeli forces in southern Lebanon, Israel’s Channel 10 television reported on Wednesday citing diplomatic sources. It said the Iranians were identified by documents found on their bodies, but gave no further details on how many were discovered or when.

Now combine that “SHOCKING” information with the armed Iranian drone shot down by the IDF this weekend. It hearkens back to Marine reports of Chinese regulars among the North Koreans they engaged on their way to the Chosin reservoir.
People pooh-poohed that, too.

…By the end of October, 1950, the smattering reports of Chinese intervention in North Korea began adding up. But intelligence summaries from the field were rejected by senior intelligence.
…When the formalities had ended, [Lt Gen] Ned Almond turned to Captain Don France, Litz’s intelligence officer, and asked for the latest news. France had been collecting data for weeks on end and, though he was known as a rather sober type, the studious captain blurted out in the presence of the medal winners and the regiment’s senior staff, “General, there are a fucking lot of Chinese in those hills.
Almond did not blink, though many of the thirty-odd bystanders had to duck out of the cozy tent to keep from choking on their laughter.
The general stood through what little remained of his briefing and stalked out in the evening chill to board his helicopter, which had been flown up from Hagaru-ri earlier.

-From Chosin by Eric Hammel.

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  1. The Nightfly says:

    Just a thought

    update, Aug 8, 7:30 pm – another Blinding Flash of the Obvious, via the Swilling. What was that we were just saying about willful ignorance? … Maybe the opposite of “fake but accurate” is “true but ignored.”

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