It Says On Their Website

…”Two faced, but in a good way.” I think that’s probably open to interpretation.

Sprint hangs up on ‘excessive’ complainers
Drops 1,000 customers who company says call customer service too much
Sprint Nextel Corp, which recently launched an advertising campaign to attract new customers, is disconnecting more than 1,000 subscribers for calling its customer service lines too often and making what the company called unreasonable requests.

My favorite quote:

…”In some cases they were calling customer care hundreds of times a month for a period of six to 12 months on the same issues even after we felt those issues had been resolved,” she [Sprint spokeswoman Roni Singleton] said.

Considering how AT&T has jonesed us before and after their multiple Cingular morphs, I can understand a customer who might be hugely annoyed with their wireless company. This last go-round, I’ve written FCC/AG/BBB letters. How nice they get to decide when a matter is settled. And I’m curious how Sprint would handle you breaking a two year agreement because of ‘excessively’ annoying, unreasonable, shitty service? I doubt you’d be able to just drop them like they’re ditching the problem children. Cost you big time, that would.

…Sprint waived final balances on canceled accounts and gave customers 30 days to transfer their phone numbers to other wireless providers, she said.
We’re working very hard to improve customer service. That’s our number one priority,” Singleton said.

Oh yeah they are. It’s easier to satisfy customers you don’t have any more. Like the AT&T supervisor telling me last month after the 15th jacked up bill and BS phone run around, “We appreciate your business.”
Oh no, you don’t. But when it’s my scribbled names and notes from all the phone calls against your corporate computer ‘customer care’ collusion? I can see how someone could call 40 times a month.

2 Responses to “It Says On Their Website”

  1. Susanna says:

    “We appreciate your business.” Ha.
    I honestly don’t think I have the patience to deal with Sprint *ssholes that often. That’s quite a time investment, truly, to get booted off the network, no? It’s hard enough to call them for any other reason.
    Have heard the only other way to end a contract is to find a hole in their service coverage, find the zip code and tell them that’s where you’re moving. If the bastards don’t have service there, you can’t be a customer and they have to let you go.
    We did enroll in one particular service from AT&T (digital satellite service) and we absolutely knew the wings were coming off the plane when the “gifts” began arriving in the mail. With no provocation. They, AT&T U-Verse, were sending us ice cream bowls, fancy scoopers, etc.
    I knew the service was about to crater. It was especially fun when we returned all of the satellite boxes and such to them, got receipts (STILL have those receipts!), etc. and they turned us into collections to the tune of $897.12. Pig fuckers.

  2. nightfly says:

    Ouch, Susanna. That makes my adventure with Verizon seem like a picnic.

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