It was awesome!

Serenity was really a fun movie. Even the CAG was impressed. I would give it 4 1/2 out of 5 Stars, due to a weak initial chase scene (cheesy) and the first song in the movie was way to loud and fast for the rest of the soundtrack. Lots of Mummy/Indiana Jones-type ironic humor, and they did a great job of not showing you much of the Reapers(Thanks Mike!) Reivers, making them more menacing with the mystery. I may even pay to see it again.

14 Responses to “It was awesome!”

  1. Reivers, not Reapers!

  2. (Hey ya, Mike!)
    Glad to hear you had a good time! The commercials look fun, but I think I’m so scarred by the Starship Trooper experience that I may have a hard time going. Is this a goofy thing, what? (Never saw the ?SciFi? series)

  3. Crusader says:

    Light years (heh) beyond Starship Troopers, Sis. Not near as goofy, and the characters are people you can like. Heck, Animal Mother is in it shooting people and things!
    And sorry Mike, I was not sure what their exact name was, as I only heard of the series/movie when I found out I was able to go, and I have seen a few different spellings. That combined with the sound at the screening having an issue or two at times. But I do believe I will buy the series DVD now after seeing this.

  4. Cullen says:

    Thanks for the review. Look forward to watching it.
    What’s wrong with Starship Troopers?

  5. Crusader says:

    The goofiness of Starship Troopers is what gets many. I actually like it, but Serenity is waaaaaaayyyyyy better.

  6. As if anything couldn’t be waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy better.
    Denise Richards. Brain bug.
    What’s wrong with this picture?

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    I liked the book “Starship Troopers” but I never saw the movie.
    “Bugs, Mr. Rico! Millions of them!”

  8. Cullen says:

    I loved the book also.
    I thought the movie was a good parody of propaganda. It’s very fun if you don’t take it seriously.

  9. Nightfly says:

    The song’s not bad either.

  10. Yes! (Now you’re talking Major Dad’s music.)

  11. The Real JeffS says:

    I had to disconnect my sense of outrage on “Starship Troopers”, ‘cuz it wasn’t even close to the book. But as a kill-the-bugs blastathon, the movie wasn’t bad, maybe a B-.
    But what’s wrong with an armed chick?

  12. The Real JeffS says:

    But I’ll have to wait and see Serenity….maybe on DVD. 🙁

  13. …armed chick?
    Considering the chick, it’s amazing the barrel’s not pointing the other way.
    Brain bug. Pffft.

  14. The Real JeffS says:

    Oh, I see! You’re talking about her brains. My bad.

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