It’s a Great Political Cartoon

The French Paper Charlie-Hebdo bears the headline “Mohammed stressed out by the fundamentalists” and a cartoon of the prophet in tears uttering the words “It’s hard to be loved by fools” back in February of 2006. (AFP)

Thanks to a French court decision just announced, it’s also legal.

The editor of a satirical French magazine accused of insulting Muslims by reprinting cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad has been acquitted.
A French court has ruled in favour of weekly Charlie Hebdo, rejecting accusations by Islamic groups who said it incited hatred against Muslims.
The cartoons were covered by freedom of expression laws and were not an attack on Islam, but fundamentalists, it said.
The case was seen as an important test for freedom of expression in France.

Thanks to our friend the Gateway Pundit for the breath of fresh Euro air.

4 Responses to “It’s a Great Political Cartoon”

  1. dada ime says:

    ni dieu ni maitre

  2. William Calley says:

    I wonder what would happen if a major European newspaper published a ‘satirical’ cartoon depicting Jesus molesting a choirboy? I mean, as terrorism is linked to Islam, so is molestation linked to the Catholic Church. Would be interesting to see how far the Islamophobe’s free speech would stretch…

  3. ricki says:

    I thought “cons” translated as “assholes”?
    Or was my high school French teacher wrong?

  4. Nightfly says:

    Ricki – it’s not the sort of thing you’ll see in the caption of a major news outlet, so accuracy or not, the translation is going to be softened a bit.
    Will – not that this matters to you, since you’re rather a cons yourself, but the true parallel would be a cartoon of Jesus being angry at being worshipped by molesters. No doubt most of what any one of us does makes Him smack His forehead, v-8 style.

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