It’s All About You, Isn’t It, Jim?

McGreevey shows yet again how little he cares for his wife and family:

May 22, 2006 — Jim McGreevey shockingly admits that before he became governor of New Jersey, he’d have anonymous gay sex at Garden State highway rest stops.
“All I knew was that my behavior was getting crazier and crazier,” McGreevey says of his torrid truck-stop trysts in an upcoming book that details his tortured life of lies and sexual repression.

It seems he has at least one moment of honesty:

“I knew I would have to lie for the rest of my life – and I knew I was capable of it. The knowledge gave me a feeling of terrible power,” he writes.

But he still can’t resist turning it into a pity-poor-me sleaze fest:

“The closet starves a man, and when he gets a chance he gorges till it sickens him,” he writes in his book, titled “The Confession.”

Puh-lease. Go away you sick little bastard. I pity your wife and two children; they are stuck with a father who is a self-absorbed scumbag. I hope they change their last name and blot you from their lives.

3 Responses to “It’s All About You, Isn’t It, Jim?”

  1. Nightfly says:

    I think he’s aiming for that whole “I suffered for my art” vibe. We just knew that “My truth” crap was the tip of the iceberg – that it would make the issue “Jim’s gay!” instead of “Jim’s really bad at being governor!” Don’t it stink to be right sometimes?

  2. There’s no such thing as “my truth.” Truth or truth isn’t self-centered like that, it’s independant.

  3. Tainted Bill says:

    Is Golan Cipel still claiming to be straight?

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