It’s Almost Painful To Read Through

But you must read through Hugh Hewitt’s evisceration-via-interview of Paul Campos. Sis and I are frankly at a loss about which quotes to post; there are so many knockouts.

HH: [quoting from PC column]”The War On Terror, we are assured, is a battle for our very survival, and success in Iraq is crucial to that battle.” A couple of questions. Number one, do you think the War On Terror is a battle for our very survival?
PC: Oh, absolutely not.

Read the whole thing.
I don’t ever want to go near Hugh’s woodshed…

9 Responses to “It’s Almost Painful To Read Through”

  1. John says:

    Oh well, at least he thinks Ward should be fired. I’m inured to stupidity from Academia, I spent too much time there.

  2. Mike Rentner says:

    Very long, but well worth it. Campos is completely mushed up after that. But at least he remained polite and civil. I at least admire that. It takes quite a lot of character to maintain civility while all your words are unequivocabally proven illogical, inconsistent, and wrong.

  3. Plus he said he’d come back! How astonishing is that? Good for him.
    There is absolutely no clue in the first few seconds of reading of what’s about to come.

  4. Nightfly says:

    Hugh’s woodshed has many pelts nailed to the walls, I’m sure – as bloody a toll, in it’s way, as Nooge’s woodshed.

  5. corrie says:

    Pelt on the wall, indeed. Over at SDDC, I called it a vivisection. Campos got skinned and never noticed, so sharp was the knife.
    It’s amazing how many of us used the same terminology.

  6. megapotamus says:

    Campos seems mightily surprised that Hugh actually spent a couple hours reading, closely, his columns from the last year or so. Reading those excerpts at RBlogger I realized that a good fraction of the objectionable, insulting and reactionary Leftist opinion that my blog habits had led me to over the years had come from this one source. Obviously Campos thought he would wade through Hewitt like Grant through Atlanta. Mustabeen mighty upsetting. I make two predictions though; firstly that he will write an even more clumsy, insulting and juvenile column on this appearance and secondly, he will NOT reappear on Hewitt’s show. Who signs up for a SECOND spanking?

  7. Dan Collins says:

    Some people like to be spanked. You know–the kind who sympathize with Islamofascists. I think CotS should offer up a “cosplay” outfit with Anglican clerical garb, Hizb outfit, and a whip.

  8. Mr. Bingley says:

    Welcome corrie! Yeah, we did…i guess because hugh was just so…surgical in how he took him apart. As mike said above though, I do have to give campos credit for taking it all so well. i just read the transcript, so the podcast may show a bit more of strain/angst in his voice, but he seemed not to get too upset by how he was demolished.
    of course that may be because he didn’t realize it happened.

  9. Mr. Bingley says:

    Welcome mega! dan may be on to something: i wonder how many of the s&m crowd voted for kerry?
    maybe that’s why they want these bastards to win.

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