It’s Only Taken Six Years

and trillions of dollars in debt and god only knows the damage done by the unconstitutional diktats and social/economic/racial polarizing but at last the Press is finally kinda sorta maybe getting the idea that this White House is full of shit

Thanks for doing your job, guys.

6 Responses to “It’s Only Taken Six Years”

  1. JeffS says:

    The media still has their heads up their asses. And will for a long time.

    Trust them, I do not.

  2. major dad says:

    This new press secretary is a piece of work.

  3. aelfheld says:

    They’ll be giving tongue baths again as soon as the shock wears off.

  4. JeffS says:

    Yeah, Major Dad. And here I thought Carney was lowest of the low.

  5. JeffS says:

    Folks, in case you’re not paying attention, this attitude of the Obama Administration is at all levels.

  6. currently says:

    They’re all full of shit.

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