It’s Stories Like This…

…that make me want to warm up the Enola Gay

Taliban use ‘honey trap’ boys to kill Afghan police

Anuj Chopra
•June 16, 2016

The Taliban are using child sex slaves to mount crippling insider attacks on police in southern Afghanistan, exploiting the pervasive practice of “bacha bazi” — paedophilic boy play — to infiltrate security ranks, multiple officials and survivors of such assaults told AFP.

The ancient custom is prevalent across Afghanistan, but nowhere does it seem as entrenched as in the province of Uruzgan, where “bacha bereesh” — or boys without beards — widely become objects of lustful attraction for powerful police commanders.

The Taliban over nearly two years have used them to mount a wave of Trojan Horse attacks — at least six between January and April alone — that have killed hundreds of policemen, according to security and judicial officials in the province.

“The Taliban are sending boys — beautiful boys, handsome boys — to penetrate checkpoints and kill, drug and poison policemen,” said Ghulam Sakhi Rogh Lewanai, who was Uruzgan’s police chief until he was removed in a security reshuffle in April amid worsening violence.

“They have figured out the biggest weakness of police forces — bacha bazi,” he told AFP.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

2 Responses to “It’s Stories Like This…”

  1. JeffS says:

    The biggest weakness of the Afghan National Police is that it is comprised of stupid barbarians.

    The Taliban are sneaky barbarians, which means that they can run circles around the ANP.

  2. Kathy Kinsley says:

    The biggest weakness in all of Islam is its treatment of women. When the elders have multiple women and the young have none, they rape boys. And those boys grow up and do the same thing to more boys. It’s a VERY sick culture.

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