It’s Up to the Fates…

…who’s in the chair when the going gets tough. While we’re on the subject, seems Mayor Nagin had some problems before the Big Easy Big One.

As Nagin enters the last year of his first term and begins his bid for re-election, the No. 1 issue of his campaign is already clearly defined: crime. New Orleans saw a significant drop in its murder rate during the tenure of Nagin’s predecessor, Marc Morial (who brought in Nagin’s 2002 mayoral opponent, former Police Chief Richard Pennington, to lead NOPD). Now, under Nagin and Police Chief Eddie Compass, we are regaining the ignoble title of the nation’s murder capital.
In recent months, spats with various other elected officials — particularly some on the City Council — seem to have distracted the mayor and underscored his inability to grasp even the fundamentals of politics. If he’s not careful, his sour relations with some City Council members (and other elected officials as well) could make him look like a guy who can’t get along well enough to get things done. Above all, if he doesn’t do something soon to get a handle on the city’s crime problem, all his other efforts won’t matter.

2 Responses to “It’s Up to the Fates…”

  1. GetALifeAgain says:

    When it comes to brass tacks and bare knuckles, I don’t Nagin is a Guliani!

  2. Boy was he ever singing a different tune last night on the news! Old Dianne Sawyer, with her best empathetic smarmy voice and facial expressions, was feeding him ‘Bush lied, people died’ openings and what a humble response. The mayor would NOT take the bait. Talked about how he thought Bush was getting bad info ‘like he had been’ (“You get told something, tell someone to do such and such to take care of it, go back to check and nothing’s been done yet.”) and the second Nagin had a face to face with the President, voila! Three star general appears and stuff starts rolling. He said the President never got the true word about what was happening and was hugely complementary and backed off the blame game COMPLETELY. Blew Sawyer’s inflammatory interview line all to pieces.
    We were shocked.

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