Jim DeMint is En FUEGO!

We’ve just been alerted that despite House Democrats relenting on extending bans on offshore drilling and oil shale in the continuing resolution (CR) appropriations bill, Democrat Senate Leader Harry Reid has decided to sneak an extension of the oil shale ban through as Congress fights over the financial bailout. Oil shale in America’s West is estimated to hold be between 800 billion and 2 trillion barrels of oil — that is more than three times the proven oil reserves in Saudi Arabia alone.

LOVESES him!. Go get ’em, tiger!

One Response to “Jim DeMint is En FUEGO!”

  1. Jaded says:

    He is the man no doubt about….those Senate phones were busy and circuits busy all damn day! Harry looks like a weasel is a weasel but our conservative on the spot TRAPPED him and got the word out!

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