Just as Well Bingley’s Movin’ Slow on His Meds Right Now

…or I’d send the authorities over in his direction.

Sheriff: Dude Looks Like Lady
PORTLAND, Maine — The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Department is searching for a man in women’s underwear, a garter belt, black high-heeled boots — and a mustache.
Sheriff Mark Dion on Thursday said his office had received six reports of a cross-dressing motorist pulling in front of female drivers, exiting his vehicle and modeling for them on the highway.
“The behavior is not necessarily criminal in terms of dress,” Dion said. “But the fact he’s jumping out in roadways and apparently targeting females who are alone driving their cars seems to suggest to us we have to talk to him.”

Our thanks for this breaking news story to Lamplighter, who is also clever enough to figure out how to post the explanatory video I sent him. Maybe it’s all a big mistake, capeche?

2 Responses to “Just as Well Bingley’s Movin’ Slow on His Meds Right Now”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    Isn’t it a little cold in Maine for outdoor modeling these days?
    I mean,, I usually call it quits by October, latest.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Maybe he’s also modeling parkas, ski pants and mukluks?

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