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DODDS schools worldwide told to watch for violent MS-13
Department of Defense Dependents Schools is trying to stop one of the most dangerous U.S. gangs — MS-13 — from gaining a foothold among students, according to a newsletter sent to its schools worldwide.
“While attending civilian schools in the U.S., future DoDEA students could be exposed to widespread gang activities, influence and violence,” the newsletter states. “Some may be recruited as members or associates into an MS-13 clique.”
MS-13 stands for Mara Salvatrucha — roughly translated, “Salvadoran Gang.” It is organized and highly violent. In some areas, gang members purposely mutilate individuals to create an atmosphere of fear, according to the newsletter.

They’re mostly in the Virginia/D.C. area ~ color me surprised on that one. No reports of an actual DOD school infiltration yet, but with the internet…

…Charles Steitz, a spokesman for DODDS-Pacific, said school officials across the region have seen no on-campus gang activity, but they’re aware of community concerns.
Earlier this year, however, Kadena Air Base on Okinawa established a joint service task force to investigate a brief rise of gang-related activity involving a small group of high school teens linked through MySpace.com, said Capt. Xavier Rivera, with Kadena’s 18th Security Forces.

…you can meet the strangest people.
( A previous hispanic gang/military post. )

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