Just One More Reason to Thank GOD

you live HERE, in THESE UNITED STATES. It’s THAT time again…

Sumo: Main bouts for 14th day of New Year Grand Sumo Tournament+

Makuuchi division bouts for Saturday, the 14th day of the 15-day New Year Grand Sumo Tournament at Ryogoku Kokugikan (+ denotes juryo division wrestler): Toyozakura x – x +Tochiozan Tamakasuga 12 – 6 Tokitsuumi Otsukasa

The damn tournament lasts for a damn year and CONSUMES every second of broadcast airtime. Sunup to sundown, it’s non-stop Pavarotti in a rice spangled thong. The only thing in Western culture close to being AS excruciating is the National Indoor Badminton Championships on the BBC.
And I speak from personal experience, hence my absolute moral authority.

8 Responses to “Just One More Reason to Thank GOD”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    …I speak from personal experience…“? You were a Sumo wrestler before you enlisted?
    Or maybe after?

  2. Gunslinger says:

    “Woohoo! Look at that blubber fly!”

  3. Oh, you’d better gird your girthy loins, big guy.
    Them’s fightin’ words.
    I’m a’ gonna lay a whuppin’ on you an’ the sumo the better.

  4. John says:

    I like sumo. So does the wife. It’s only two one-week tournaments out of the year, qwitcher whinin’. It’s good entertainment: the referee sounds like he’s chanting “hey batter batter” at them the whole time.
    And nothing’s as excruciatingly dull as MLB. Not even badminton.

  5. Oh, suurrreeee it is.
    Keep that KoolAid close in case you get thirsty, John.

  6. John says:

    Oh I know you used to watch it THS. Like the guys watching NASCAR for the wrecks, you were just waiting for that occaisional disqualification when the one guy’s padded jockstrap comes off in the other guy’s hand…
    (Saw that happen once, about 6 years ago. Retinas are still damaged.)

  7. Prussian Tiger says:

    Sumo and NASCAR have about the same level of TV excitement. You just wouldn’t be able to get dem good ol’ boys to compare stats on their favorite wrestler.

  8. Nightfly says:

    …hence my absolute moral authority.

    You lost a son to sumo? Is that him getting flipped like a poker chip up there?

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