Just Thinkin’

Romney’s humanity, decency and competence, Ryan’s fire and Clint’s cutting through the PC BS ~ ALL their unwavering patriotism ~ will shine even brighter next week for the contrast between conventions. Man o man, ESPECIALLY since it will still be SO FRESH in people’s minds!

1) How many “USA! USA!” chants will ring spontaneously out from the DNC crowd?

2) What speakers will bring tears to the eyes of delegates (And not from the pain of sitting through the speech itself, or the cudgels of SEIU goons forcing them to stay in their seats for the cameras?)

3) How long before the first heckler shoots their mouth off at Cardinal Dolan, when he appears for the final benediction?

4) How will four days of hate-filled, unhinged vitriol directed at Mitt Romney, that blue-eyed baby boy Paul Ryan, Clint and GEORGE BUSH go over after the hope filled LOVEFEST that WAS RNC2012?

Should. Be. FUN.

3 Responses to “Just Thinkin’”

  1. David Crawford says:


    And the funniest part of the DNC? When speaker after speaker gets up and lists all of Obama’s “accompishments” while in the White House. I would suggest a drinking game for every time they say “Osama Bin Laden” but I don’t think my liver could take it.

  2. currently says:

    THS, I’m going to attempt to answer your questions:

    1. 0 (zero)
    2. Obama (going down in flames)
    3. Not sure (maybe 15 seconds)
    4. Like a lead balloon

    As you, I also look forward to the Fun & Giggles.

    Apparently it’s already begun with the Obama ‘Buddha’ damn near getting washed away.

    Hopefully, Occupy DNC is more fun than Occupy RNC was.

  3. aelfheld says:

    Will the Democrats hold their ritual ‘Spit on the Boy Scouts’ event this time? That’s always such a crowd-pleaser.

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