Just When You Think Texa$$ is the Last Bastion of Frontier Manliness

…they go and f*ck it up royally. The Dalla$$ POH-leese are now conducting drunk driving sweeps IN the local bars, before the drunk staggers out to his car. OR his designated driver. OR back up the stairs to his or her hotel room. Or just sits there and sobers up on his own.
Be very grateful, citizens of the Big D ~ you’re being protected from yourself, before you even do anything.

Anybody out there who is drinking needs to be aware that you have to drink responsibly, even if you’re not driving,” criminal defense attorney Barry Sorrels said. “If you’re inside a bar, you could be arrested.”
Texas law states that anyone who is drunk in public and poses a danger to themselves or others can be arrested regardless of whether they were inside a restaurant or bar, or on a city street.
Sorrels said the key to the law lies in the potential danger. He said it is not illegal to be intoxicated in public. The gray area comes in determining the degree of risk, Sorrels said.
“If (the) TABC is going to adopt this as a get-tough policy, they have to be fair on who they arrest,” Sorrels said.
Three people caught in the recent sweep were arrested at a bar inside a hotel at which they were registered guests. All three said they had no intention of driving.
“It’s no defense if you’re staying at a hotel where you were publicly intoxicated at a bar,” Sorrels said.

(NoBrainer’s confused, too.) Isn’t this the same state where an open container is okay ~ as in ‘legal‘? I sense a disturbance in the force…
Via the Sunday night NBC news report “Did crackdown on drunken driving go too far?”

5 Responses to “Just When You Think Texa$$ is the Last Bastion of Frontier Manliness”

  1. Mike Rentner says:

    After substantial pressure from MADD and subsequently the feds, Texas outlawed open containers in vehicles a few years ago.
    The Women’s Christian Temperance League never died, it just resurfaced as MADD.

  2. Susanna says:

    Reminds me of comedian Ron White getting arrested for being drunk in public. He complained that he was “drunk in the BAR” and then when he got thrown out on the sidewalk, then he was “drunk in PUBLIC.”
    Evidently neither is okay anymore…

  3. “Denver will be dry, believers!”

    Hallelujah Trail
    Well, that’s too bad, Mike. I thought it was hugely common sense.
    We were watching Ron White last night, Susanna, speak of the devil incarnate. It was his new show. Hard to believe he could be thinner AND angrier, but he is. Only he got married apparently, so he has her to crack on now, too. Not my cup of tea. I miss Tater Salad, when he was still a drunk with an edge but not as nasty.

  4. Susanna says:

    Yeah, he was decidedly not very funny last night. We like any kind of good humor, raunchy or not, but those bits about his wife were making us both uncomfortable. One thing to be made uncomfortable and laugh like Hell, another entirely to sit there in discomfort, no one laughing.
    Yes, I told Trey he had Hollywood Hair and Teeth now.
    Now he seems like an angry drunk, whereas before he was an angry, FUNNY drunk.

  5. (Yeah ~ what was WITH that HAIR?)

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