Katrina Chaos Redux

Updating our Katrina coverage: The LA Times, of all publications, is jumping into this. Are they channeling Pete King? Other stories that didn’t get out…

Louisiana National Guard Col. Thomas Beron, who headed security at the Superdome, said that for every complaint, “49 other people said, ‘Thank you, God bless you.’ “

Now, how sad is that? And the money quote of the day?

My biggest mistake was not recognizing by Saturday that Louisiana was dysfunctional,” Brown told a special congressional panel set up by House Republican leaders to investigate the catastrophe.
-Former FEMA director Michael Brown

Somebody should have asked us. We could have told him so, free of charge.
ADDENDUM UPDATE: Lest anyone think Pete King and Mr. Brown are overstating the utter DISGRACE that is the New Orleans Police Department…

NOPD says 249 officers were AWOL after Katrina
Compass plans tribunal to judge each case
Missing officers were nearly 15% of force
The New Orleans Police Department has identified 249 officers who left their posts without permission during Hurricane Katrina and the storm’s chaotic aftermath, and is now trying to distinguish out-and-out deserters from those who had compelling reasons to be AWOL.

And there’s this comforting tid-bit…

Mayor Ray Nagin said the city attorney’s office will review Compass’ plan to ensure that it falls within Civil Service regulations that cover all classified city employees.

Privately, they’re worried, because not much of anyone wanted to be a New Orleans cop to begin with.
ADDENDUM REDUX: Thank God Newsweek found someone to explain whose fault it was.

In your opinion, what went wrong with the response to Katrina?
In terms of the preparedness, a lot of the key issues or aspects of disaster preparedness could have been implemented much better [at] all levels, from the top to individuals. At the top we had a president who, in knowing one of major cities in the country was going to take a big hit, elected to continue on vacation.

And Mayor Noggin, Governor Blameco, et al’s culpability quotient ?

How do you think the response to Katrina was handled on the state and local levels?
The blame does not just rest with the federal administration. Louisiana had an emergency response plan and New Orleans had an emergency office. And a lot of lessons and issues that were known could have been implemented better…

I’d call that insightful analysis a get out of jail free card. And Mr. Kelman has one more swipe at the administration in him…

Several Bangladeshi experts said, “If you bring me over I will help.” As far as I know, the U.S. did not take them up on that.

WTF is that? Oh my God,::GASP::, we turned down the Bangladeshis, bless their hearts?!! That’s important enough to mention why? Cheap shot ‘why’, that’s WHY. But I’m equally as sure we thanked them for their kind offer, so I can sleep tonight, even knowing what I do now.

One Response to “Katrina Chaos Redux”

  1. Robert says:

    The government is not coming, they are on vacation. Please don’t ask them to end their vaction early. They do not watch the news, they have no idea whats going on. You want to evacuate who? to where? Please leave a message at the beep.
    Does anyone get it yet? The government can not be relied on in the event of a disaster, they are busy trying to figure out who to blame when the storm is over. I think there is a new position in government, they hire someone to be the “Press Scape Goat”, you get a life time pension in the event they have to blame you for something.

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