Killed For Wearing Shorts

You know, just when you thought those idiots couldn’t get stupider, you read something like , ahref=””>this:

BAGHDAD, Iraq (AP) — An Iraqi tennis coach and two of his players were killed because they were wearing shorts, apparently in violation of a warning by Islamic extremists.
Gunmen stopped the car in which the athletes were riding and asked them to step out before shooting them Wednesday, Manham Kubba, secretary general of the Iraqi Tennis Union, said Saturday. The coach, Hussein Ahmed Rashid, was Sunni, and the two players were Shiite, Kubba said.

What a bunch of barbaric animals.
What’s in store for MPs who wear cat suits?

One Response to “Killed For Wearing Shorts”

  1. From what I have heard, the U.S. soldiers in IRAQ feel they are doing noble deeds. How am I to say different!?
    This is why these U.S. soldiers are there. To make all efforts to stop this insanity.

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