…On Friday a 32-year-old employee became the latest victim when she leapt from the fifth-floor of a Paris office block. Her death came after a meeting to discuss the reorganisation of the customer services department, where she worked.

Two days earlier a 48-year-old technician in Troynes, to the east of Paris, stabbed himself during a meeting in which he was told his post would be scrapped.

OUCH! I’d normally say something snarky about “going postal”, but. Couple things make this different.

It’s the phone company…and it’s FRENCH…and 23 EMPLOYEES have killed themselves in the last 18 months!

And they’re just now wondering what the problem is.

3 Responses to “Laissez…Leap?”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    Lemme see here. 18,000 sick and elderly French types die of heat stroke and dehydration during a heat wave and the frogs couldn’t figure that air conditioning might have helped. And thousands of bodies stacked up in refrigerated trucks because their kin couldn’t interrupt their vacations to collect them. France doesn’t have a handle on that yet, or so I’ve read.

    Then came the car-b-cues, then the riots then the jew killings and then, and then …

    They’ll get to this phone company thing any day now.

  2. JeffS says:

    Apparently job entitlement is pandemic in France.

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