Lending Credence to My ‘Homo Hunt’ Post

…the Kolbe Grand Canyon story link is off MSNBC.com’s home page, but lookee how it pops up on their Politics page ~

with a RED exclamation mark for IMPORTANT !!

WHY would it be marked “IMPORTANT“? (And WHO decides/marks it as such?)
If nothing happened, WHY would it even be there?
Are they fishing? Are they schmearing under the guise of reporting?
Has a Democrat EVER taken pages along on a junket? We know how they treat interns…so it’s a legitimate question, n’est pas?
If it was Barney Frank, it wouldn’t have made the toilet paper, less mind MSNBC.
UPDATE: Since no one’s blogging this (per a Technorati search) but moi, I thought I’d check another news site. You know ~ see if it’d made an appearance. Not on CNN ( 11:30 CST screenshot of my search ) it hasn’t. If it’s soooIMPORTANT!“, shouldn’t they be on it too?

3 Responses to “Lending Credence to My ‘Homo Hunt’ Post”

  1. Where’s the beef?
    Oh wait, that’s Kobe. Never mind.

  2. Nightfly says:

    If it was Kobe, they’d have known something dodgy had gone on in Colorado.

  3. Well, perhaps there was some massage going on…

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