Let Me Get This Straight

Roger Ebert ~ who I freely admit I despise ~ said something about “Friends don’t let jackasses drink and drive”, to which a JACKASS cast mate (one Bam Margera), in his grief, responded with their… patented panache, shall we say?

I just lost my best friend, I have been crying hysterical for a full day and piece of shit roger ebert has the gall to put in his 2 cents…About a jackass drunk driving and his is one, fuck you! Millions of people are crying right now, shut your fat fucking mouth!

And then Ebert sort of…APOLOGIZES, say WHAT?!?!

…In an apparent attempt to explain himself and perhaps massage his image,
Ebert published a detailed blog entry Tuesday about his tweet…

“Massage”, my ass. Even this article fails to point out one very important fact, and Ebert should have told…well, hell. I’ll do it.

Dear Mr. Margera,

I feel REAL bad for you, son, that you lost your best friend, through his OWN devices. That would have been bad enough and worthy of your unabashed wailing, and even, perhaps, your lashing out at the annoying Mr. Ebert for his, admittedly, insensitive words. But do you know what YOU left out of YOUR obscene little diatribe there? The correct answer to a math problem.

It’s called a “body count”. And the count is “2”.

Because your buddy didn’t just flame HIMSELF out in a drunken blaze of glory, like every good comedian has a tragic right to do.


Somebody who might not have been ready to go. And all we can do is pray for THAT dead guy ~ the other guy you don’t seem to be crying hysterically for ~ and thank GOD that it wasn’t a van full of kids on their way home from soccer practice, as is so often the case.

YOUR buddy drunkenly, stupidly, selfishly KILLED ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

That’s a jackass.

So blow it out yours and grow the fuck up.


That about covers it.

6 Responses to “Let Me Get This Straight”

  1. Rob says:

    I think it’s pretty rich of Jackass fans to be calling for decorum. You are absolutely right, ths (And so was Ebert for that matter). Dunn didn’t just carelessly kill himself, he killed his friend. Some might say killing a friend is a bit insensitive.

  2. Julie says:

    And his friend was “a Navy veteran who served as a gunner’s mate in Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan”, according to Reuters. He survived hell only to die in a car with an idiot who had already been arrested on at DUI in 2005? That first DUI wasn’t enough of a wakeup call for Dunn? That’s just WRONG.

  3. JeffS says:

    Yup, Sis, you nail it. Nicely done!

  4. mojo says:

    Think of it as “Evolution in Action”

  5. Dr Alice says:

    Hear, hear. Ebert was right. Too bad he apologized.

  6. Kate P says:

    Yeah, and if you knew the area, it needs a solid wake-up call about drinking and driving. This isn’t the only really bad accident in the past year or so.

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