Let’s Roil the Economic Waters (heh) a Little More, Shall We?

Say “Hello” to Invest 90. According to Stormpulse (Also, hit the little button up right that says “Forecast Models”), it has an 80% chance of developing into something tropical by the end of the day. Considering that the sea surface temps at the buoys located just above the first dot cluster north of the “L” are reading 90°F, there’s plenty of fuel to fire up with.

Then consider that wholesale gasoline is sitting at $3.15 gal. this morning and oil within spitting distance of $100.00 bbl. On Stormpulse, 6 of those lines run through Corpus Christi and eastward ~ oil refinery country. Move the trajectory in the Gulf itself north and many more drilling platforms come into play. In the event of a major storm, they get shut down, buttoned up and evacuated.

If that thing becomes a depression this afternoon, the models keep it predominantly Texas/Lousiana bound and there isn’t a forecast talking about winds aloft “unfavorable for further development”?

People may be watching Washington, but there’s gonna be some real action at the pump. A “500 day retail recession” could be wishful thinking. We know what it’s like in Pensa Banglacola waiting on fuel barges because of a storm someplace else. It’s the price shock I don’t think we can properly gird our loins for.

2 Responses to “Let’s Roil the Economic Waters (heh) a Little More, Shall We?”

  1. aelfheld says:

    Lovely. Texas is in a state-wide drouth and our only hope for rain is a dagnabbit hurricane. Just lovely.

  2. tree hugging sister says:

    The Grinch is in Cleburne, aelf, and keeps us updated on how deep the fissures in the yard are getting.

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