Let’s Start Another Fight: Pop Quiz of the Day

WHAT is this quote referring to?

“…You know what else it’s resistant to? You getting laid.”

Now. Just to make it tougher, eliminate Bingley, Canadians, Rambo, world peace or bus trips from your short list of answers.
You’ll never guess*.
*For those MEWLING COWARDS among us, it’s a Hasselhoff-free answer. I swear.

2 Responses to “Let’s Start Another Fight: Pop Quiz of the Day”

  1. Kate P says:

    That article is hilarious. (I confess–I cringed inwardly when my nephew beamingly gave his little sister pink ones for her fourth b-day the other day. Hope she doesn’t get messed up orthopedically.)

  2. Creatrix says:

    Oh, I detest those things. The first time I saw them was in a mid-to high-end store where they were selling for like $30 or $40. I couldn’t imagine who would shell out so much for something so ugly.
    I think this is proof: Americans, as bad as our ecomony is, have too much disposable income.

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