Like the Song Says: “I Want MONEY!”

OOO! Oo-oo OOO! That’s all I want!

Law firm’s gifts to Democrats bring questions
Despite scandal, top candidates still taking donations from Milberg Weiss
Over the years, as it became Exhibit A for critics of shareholders’ class-action lawsuits, the law firm of Milberg Weiss often enjoyed the support of Democrats who called the suits an invaluable weapon in the universal conflict between big business and the little guy.
The Democrats, in turn, enjoyed the support of Milberg Weiss and its partners, who together contributed more than $7 million to the party’s candidates since the 1980s.
Last year, the firm was indicted on federal charges of fraud and bribery. But the political partnership has not been entirely severed…

2 Responses to “Like the Song Says: “I Want MONEY!””

  1. Gunslinger says:

    I’m not surprised. Communist Chinese money is welcome in the DNC coffers.

  2. Dave J says:

    Yikes: a law firm has to be off-the-wall INSANE corrupt to get pursued criminally. Everyone remembers Arthur Andersen basically getting the death penalty for being Enron’s accountants, but Vinson & Elkins is largely forgotten and completely unpunished for being their attorneys.

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