Looks Like He’ll No Longer Be a WARD

…of the state.

University of Colorado Interim Chancellor to Recommend Firing of Ward Churchill
The top official at the University of Colorado’s flagship campus on Monday recommended that the school fire the firebrand professor who compared some of the World Trade Center victims to a Nazi and later was accused of academic misconduct.
Ward Churchill has displayed “a pattern of research misconduct committed over a period of time,” Interim Chancellor Philip DiStefano said.
…”If a university is a marketplace of ideas, then Mr. Churchill is the rotten fruit among hundreds of good apples. Hopefully, we can soon say good riddance to Ward Churchill once and for all,” [Gov] Owens said.

We’ll be looking forWARD to reading the entire statement.

7 Responses to “Looks Like He’ll No Longer Be a WARD

  1. John says:

    More like the totally rotten fruit among hundreds of soft apples…
    Sorry, NJ Sue. There are a few good apples in the Humanities, but they are not the majority.

  2. Almost makes ‘Humanities’ a misnomer, eh?

  3. John says:

    I went to an Institute of Technology. We called Humanities classes “Hummers”.
    Even when I got to a major research university for grad school, I noticed that there are plenty of “blow-off” classes in the Humanities, where you could pass with BS and bluster, whereas most technical classes have content that will be used by other classes, so a lone professor can’t set up a shop of BS and get away with it.
    The “Suntanning 101” (Introductory Surveying) class for Snivel Engineers came close to a gut engineering class, though, because there was very little math. Other technical classes not so much: you can’t BS your way through an equation.

  4. Nightfly says:

    Heh. Probably why I was such a good English major!

  5. Nightfly says:

    Oh – DUHHHH. Journalism, not English, though I certainly took enough of both to have doubled or switched. On the bright side, my mistake may just have qualified me for tenure.

  6. The_Real_JeffS says:

    The “Suntanning 101” (Introductory Surveying) class for Snivel Engineers came close to a gut engineering class, though, because there was very little math.
    That’s not how I remember it, John. Lots of trigonometry and geometry, with some statistics mixed in. With legal issues added for flavor. Working with stadia was not simple, especially with summation error checking.
    But I’ll agree with the suntanning part. And, did you know? The optics in theodolites and levels are great for peaking through open windows in the girls dormitory….thanks to the hill right behind my school. We did snivel when those curtains were closed. 😉

  7. John says:

    OK, JeffS, I stand corrected. You have to understand that to a Physical Chemist any class that does not involve triple integrals and relativistic corrections to classical equations has “very little math”. But I suspect that your and my definition of “very little math” and the layman’s definition of “very little math” are so far apart you can’t see one from the other with a telescope.
    I just like to take good natured swipes at Snivels because it annoys Wunderkraut so. It’s a deeply ingrained behavior, though. We used to have a saying at RHIoT – if you can’t handle your major, become a MechE (they were famous for doing their homework in groups), and if you can’t handle that, become a CivE. If you can’t handle that, go to Purdue. And if you can’t handle Purdue, go home.

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