Looks Like Somebody Else Didn’t Get the “We’re All in This Together”


Command Conflict
Turkey Blocks NATO Mission in Libya

The US wants to hand over command of Operation Odyssey Dawn to another country within a matter of days, but so far NATO has been unable to reach an agreement on taking control of the implementation of the no-fly zone in Libya. Turkey is leading the objections.

The conflict in Libya is being described as the first war to be initiated by United States President Barack Obama since taking office, but Washington would like to hand over command for Operation Odyssey Dawn to Britain, France or its partners in the NATO alliance as quickly as possible.

The US has said it would continue to support operations as well as engage itself militarily, but that it would not continue to maintain the “pre-eminent role,” US Defense Secretary Robert Gates told reporters traveling with him on a trip to Russia on Sunday. On Monday, however, it didn’t look likely that a NATO role would develop as quickly as the US government might like.

…Ankara has rejected any NATO intervention against Libya, including the implementation of a no-fly zone….

…Turkey appears to be concerned about its standing in the Muslim world…

(Its “standing in the Muslim world”. Oh, yeah. That’s big.)

I guess President Present can phone it in from…where’s he going next?

5 Responses to “Looks Like Somebody Else Didn’t Get the “We’re All in This Together””

  1. JeffS says:

    Even Nobel Peace Prizes come with an expiration date, huh?

  2. major dad says:

    We started it, now we own it and the results. A mistake on our part IMO.

  3. mojo says:

    “Yeah, ya can do it – but that don’t make it a good idea.”

  4. Dave E. says:

    I missed out on getting a program, so can someone tell me if we are going to bomb the rebels when they get the upper hand and start slaughtering the Qaddafi supporters or is that our cue to quietly pack up and go home?

  5. major dad says:

    Now that’s just crazy talk Dave, the rebels are peace loving…

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