Lord In Your Wisdom Don’t Let Costco Upgrade Their Hazlet Store

because if they add booze and gas like they have at the store in Edison then I am doomed.


For example, the price of Regular Unleaded at the various stations near Chateau Bingley is averaging $3.35 to $3.41. At the Costco it was $3.03

Hell, that makes me want to drive around aimlessly for hours just so I can go there and fill up!

And did I mention they sell booze?

As in “proof that there is a God and he wubs us” booze?

They sell beer, liquor and wine. And being Costco, they have their own “Kirkland” brand of hootch. The neat twist that they do is that their brand is not a cheap generic brand but they aim for a premium quality at a discounted price, and in most cases they hit the mark. Whether it be a simple thing like milk (their brand is at least $1/gallon cheaper than at the supermarket) or coffee (they sell an excellent 100% Colombian product at a price that is not much higher than your mass-market brands (and as an aside I should mention that they are a client of mine in this regard)) or EVOO their products tend to be pretty darned good. I’ve bought a lot of their Kirkland products, and I have to say that basically the only one I thought was not great was their sharp cheddar cheese, which was neither sharp nor of the proper texture.

Anywho, booze. They don’t have the largest selection, of course, and the prices are mixed. Some wines are cheaper than my usual Bottle King and others are a tad more expensive, so as always know your prices. They have a Kirkland-labelled mixed case of “artisan” beers: a pale ale, an india pale ale, a belgian wheat and an amber ale all for only $19, which for 24 bottles is ok in my book, and the beers are all pretty good. They have their own brands of tequila, vodka and bourbon, none of which I’m a big consumer of, so I can’t report on them. They have a Kirkland scotch, a 15 year old single malt which is distilled by Macallan fer gosh’ sake and at $50 I’ll take a gamble on a bottle on my next trip.

I did pick up some vino.

The 2009 Delas “St-Esprit” Côtes du Rhône which Parker rated a 90 was priced at $10. It was delicious. Smooth raspberry/cherry flavor, soft tannins. A lovely very drinkable wine and a great value.

And speaking of great value

This was under $7 ($6.89 to be precise) and has a deeper golden color and somewhat more body than a lot of pinot grigios in my Cheap Bastard price range tend to have. Smooth melon/apple flavors with a soft acidity. A very nice, easy drinking wine at an excellent price.

What’s not to love?

Shockingly I did buy many more bottles, so if I’m able I get a chance I will post some more Booze Muse thoughts, and i do apologize that I’ve been so sadly remiss in this department of late.

5 Responses to “Lord In Your Wisdom Don’t Let Costco Upgrade Their Hazlet Store”

  1. Gary from Jersey says:

    $3.03 a gallon? That’s 15 cents cheaper than Ocean Twp. No hooch there either. Maybe things are cheaper in Hazlet so Bayshore types won’t steal so much.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    It’s the Edison Costco that has the gas and booze, not Hazlet.

  3. Dr Alice says:

    Costco is the fount of all good and holy things. Especially booze and cheap gas. And meat.

  4. […] a little wine. Mr. Bingley, who is a fabulous cook (and Claude’s pack leader), buys his at Costco. Denny has more Fine Wine […]

  5. JeffS says:

    This reminds me, I need to make a trek to the nearest Costco. Alas, it’s a fair drive away, so buying gas there isn’t a regular option, but I do need to hit a couple of other stores. So it’ll be worth the trip.

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