Lord Xenu Is Not Amused With You, My Young


USA Today reported that Cruise’s popularity decline with women was especially sharp, slipping from a 56 percent favorable rating in 2005 to 35 percent now.
The poll prompted a concerted defense by Cruise’s supporters, who insisted the actor’s popularity and standing as one of Hollywood’s most bankable stars was undiminished.
Tom Cruise is one of the most important stars ever in the motion picture business,” Universal Studios President Ron Meyer, a close friend and former agent, told Reuters. “I don’t know anybody who has had the consistent success rate that Tom has. And nobody should be counting him out.”


9 Responses to “Lord Xenu Is Not Amused With You, My Young”

  1. Cullen says:

    Sounds like Universal Studios President Ron Meyer is also a member of the Super Adventure Club.

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Well, he obviously is paying them protection money.

  3. Ken Summers says:

    Member or protection. Pick one or more.

  4. Dan Collins says:

    Interview with the Hickeypire

  5. How come you get to say ‘barf’ and Dan is all pleasant, but I say ‘gack’ and get smacked?
    Sexist pig dogs.

  6. Dan Collins says:

    I think I blamed him for posting a pic of Star Jones yesterday, when SOMEBODY ELSE was actually culpable. Besides, the G work reminds me immediately of *shudder* Cathy, whereas “barf” does so at one remove.

  7. Dan Collins says:

    Oops. G-word.

  8. Nightfly says:

    I do have to admit – “Legend” killed Mia Sara’s career but not TomKat’s. “Days of Thunder” sank Cary Elwes but not Tommy Boy. His scouts pick him great projects for his skill set.
    Now, having said all that, the thought that he’s one of the “most important stars EVER” is stoopit. First – important how? Influential? He wishes. Popular? The poll sort of puts paid to that. Good? Depends on what you’re asking of him – he’s not bad, but you could make a better case for loads of others.
    Really, the only thing he could mean is “bankable,” but even in Hollywood, it’s crass to just SAY that. And again, you could make at least as good a case for Nicholson, Crowe, Hanks even…

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