Lost and Found

How wonderful is that?

An unknown Marine who rescued two Port Authority cops at Ground Zero – the characters at the center of Oliver Stone’s 9/11 movie – and then shunned public attention for nearly five years is a humble courthouse security officer from America’s heartland, The Post has learned.
Long Island native Jason Thomas, 32, teamed with another Marine to freelance their way through the burning rubble of Ground Zero and find PA cops John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno pinned below.
…A decorated sergeant during his active Marine service between 1996 and 2000, he was living in Hempstead, L.I., and attending the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on 9/11. When the hijacked planes struck, he threw on his military fatigues and headed for lower Manhattan.
“I knew my city was under attack,” Thomas said of his impulsive trip. “I felt compelled to do something.”
Thomas and Karnes – an accountant and reservist who made his own impulsive trip from Connecticut – randomly met at Ground Zero and launched their own search-and-rescue mission.
Barking out, “U.S. Marines! Can anyone hear us,” they gingerly made their way through wreckage until hearing Jimeno crying out for help.

And there’s someone anxious to meet him.

…”I am looking forward to thanking another one of my angels,” Jimeno said.
…Said Jimeno: “You have to admire that there are people in this world who do things because it is just the right thing and are content with their actions and not looking for fame or money.

Man…you sure do.

7 Responses to “Lost and Found”

  1. Very cool. Thanks for posting this, sis.

  2. Makes me sniffle, it’s so…neat.
    Live to serve and you’re welcome. I can’t take all the credit though. Sweet BIRTHDAY BOY major dad sent me the story. I just tracked down the rest.

  3. Susanna says:

    (I hope Oliver Stone doesn’t ruin that story, but I fear he did.)

  4. Kathy K says:

    Indeed. Got a sniffle or two myself there. That man is a hero, in my definition.
    Happy Birthday, Major Dad! Thanks for that story.

  5. major dad says:

    Thank you for the lovely Birthday sentiments! THS is still older than me , cradle robber that she is. Not one word from the pencil neck, he must be polishing his grape.

  6. Kcruella says:

    Happy Birthday! Had some gin n your honor

  7. Mr. Bingley says:

    Nope, i just respect my elders…

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