Mad About You

Honestly. I need to work for these people.

Brussels breached rules in banning ‘mad’ official
The European Commission acted improperly when it declared one of its civil servants mentally unstable and forced him to leave his job, according to an employment tribunal decision that could have a far-reaching effect on how Brussels unburdens itself of officials it considers troublesome.
Paul Mahoney, president of the European civil service tribunal in Luxembourg, read a brief judgement annulling a decision by the Commission’s in 2004 which barred José Sequeira from his entering the development directorate where he was an administrator. His seniors claimed he had circulated documents insulting his colleagues.
Generous employment rules mean Commission staff have jobs for life. Each year, some 200 are placed on long-term sick leave, half due to mental ill health.
Other cases alleging that the Commission forced outspoken staff to take sick leave are pending before the Luxembourg tribunal, which forms part of the European Court of Justice.

Is this any way to rule the free world? ‘Mad’ because he insulted his colleagues? Long term sick leave? Benefits? I am SO all over that.


He knows where to send the checks.

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  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    I’ll send you the address to mail the check.

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