Makes You JUST Wanna Get YOU Some ObamaCare Don’t It?!?!

Well, that’s what it’s SUPPOSED to do, at least to those strange peoples classified as “OREGONIANS“.

They apparently respond well to badly done, Peter Max knock-off animation and cooing, PBS Saturday morning children’s programming guitar riffs.

Pret-tee barfy, but someone thought it would work.

Rains a lot there too, doesn’t it?

5 Responses to “Makes You JUST Wanna Get YOU Some ObamaCare Don’t It?!?!”

  1. JeffS says:

    I kept on expecting to see Jeremy Hillary Boob appear, possibly chased by the Blue Meanies.

    Yeah, Oregon lefties are that clueless. It’s painful to watch from such a close distance. And some of it spills across the Columbia into Washington.

  2. Gunslinger says:

    Those aren’t your wings. The government confiscated them for you.

  3. Kathy Kinsley says:

    @gunslinger – lol. Too true.

    @Sis Rains a lot in SW FL too – but we don’t seem to be prone to the same idiocy. Despite being chewed up by mosquitoes carrying all sorts of weird diseases. Maybe there’s one specific to the NW coast that we don’t get down here? Something which totally destroys the ability to think? (No-one on the west coast would notice that anyway…)

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Mold on the mind.

    Yes here in Western Oregon there are only two seasons: the wet season and the wetter.

    The rot is in Western Oregon and,specifically for the most part, in the Portland Metro area. That’s where that 47 percent dependent on Gummint handouts live. East of the Cascade Mountains, the people are generally more sensible, but many fewer.

  5. OregonGuy says:

    And somehow many of my neighbors think adoption of Soviet-styled policies is progressive.

    They don’t read books anymore. Too judgmental.

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