Man, There’s That Pesky “Revised Down” Again: Kinda Like it’s Now Not a Fine, it’s a Tax!

Only it was April’s consumer spending figures, not jobs.

Consumer Spending Falls to Weakest Level in Five Months

U.S. consumer spending was flat in May for the first time in five months as Americans eased off on vehicle purchases amid tepid wage growth, but subsiding inflation pressures should keep demand supported.

The Commerce Department said on Friday April’s consumer spending was revised down to show only a 0.1 percent rise instead of the previously reported 0.3 percent gain.

Revisions, revisions! And I’m sure glad they think “subsiding inflation” will keep demand supported, since it sure won’t be any JOB CREATION of note impacting the economy.

Obama oughta start running on THAT change, before the CBO figures come out revising what ObamaTax is going to COST THE MIDDLE CLASS now that the states can op-out of the MediCaid Expansion and we get to pick up the entire tab.

5 Responses to “Man, There’s That Pesky “Revised Down” Again: Kinda Like it’s Now Not a Fine, it’s a Tax!”

  1. JeffS says:

    I wonder how the sales of firearms and ammunition are doing? I’ll have to check on that…

  2. Syd B. says:

    I didn’t see the word, “unexpectedly” anywhere in that story. Must be a hoax.

  3. aelfheld says:

    subsiding inflation pressures

    Is that another way of saying no one has any money?

  4. David Crawford says:

    I’m actually kind of interested in how Obama is going to spin four years of a crap economy during the upcoming election. Blaming Bush ain’t going to do it. Saying Republicans didn’t pass the legislation he claims he needed ain’t going to do it.

    It’ll be like one of those episodes of COPS where they catch a guy red-handed and the guy starts giving the cops the humma-humma about how he REALLY isn’t breaking the law.

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