Manly Taliban Religion of Pieces Types

…are up to their old tricks wimmens-wise.

Gunmen on a motorcycle shot dead the head of a women’s department in the southern Afghan province of Kandahar on Monday, a security official and a relative said.
…Ama Jan was on her way to work, getting into a car outside her house, when the gunmen struck, said her nephew, who identified himself as Farhad.
“She died on the spot,” he told reporters.
…A Taliban commander, Mullah Hayat Khan, said Ama Jan was killed because she worked for the government.
“We have told people time and time again that anyone working for the government — including women — will be killed,” Khan said by telephone from an undisclosed location.

Bless her brave heart. When the hell is someone gonna lay the hurt on the a$$holes that they deserve?
Or at the very LEAST (educated women of the LIBERAL LEFT, I’m talking to YOU here…) call them what they ARE?

3 Responses to “Manly Taliban Religion of Pieces Types”

  1. Once upon a time, the Taliban were properly considered soldiers according to the Geneva Convention. No more.
    No prisoners.
    No exceptions.

  2. Nightfly says:

    Gruesome little snots. It’s bad enough that this crap happens every day – it’s worse that so few in the West think that it’s worth it to protect the people who are turning their backs on savagery, who want liberty for their people.
    THESE are the “moderate Muslims” everybody’s looking for, and they are getting killed by our common enemies. Considering the lukewarm response from much of Europe etc, it’s no wonder that it’s so hard to find them coming forward.

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