“Marco Rubio is a Parasite”

It got a little testy with Occupy Pensacola this week, since the mayor finally grew a pair, cut off the city-provided electricity and water the other day, and then ~ FINALLY ~ evicted them from the City Hall lawn, effective 11 p.m. tonight. So they’ve been spinning their heels since yesterday, marching around town, running into traffic, blowing horns, banging the drums slowly and, somewhere along the way, picking up a labor parasite in a suit.

Since they post most everything on their FB page, I thought I’d check in and, lo and behold, they were gathering for a march on Marco’s office. Quelle horreur! I did my Paul Revere imitation: called my girlfriend who’s his aide there, asked her “did you know…?” (of course not) Luckily enough, all the offices are in the Federal Courthouse, so security is grand, but it does make for wonderful theatre when protesting.

Welcome to Occupy Pensacola’s busy yesterday…

An area labor group allied with Occupy Pensacola demonstrators in a rally and march Thursday to protest Republican U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio’s connections to big banks bailed out by the government.

Lee Pryor, mobilization coordinator for the Northwest Florida Federation of Labor Central Labor Council, led more than 50 protesters from the Occupy encampment at City Hall along Palafox Place to the federal courthouse, where Rubio’s Pensacola office is located. Pryor said the march from City Hall was in response to Mayor Ashton Hayward’s eviction of Occupy protesters from the property.

The group has until 11 p.m. today to leave their site.

Still a little fuzzy on labor’s involvement all of a sudden, but when they see opportunity, simpleminded targets and a shot a publicity, they jump.

Now, about that “Marco and the banks” thing…

…On Thursday afternoon, Molly Allbritten, 23, of Pensacola held a sign saying “Banks got bailed out/We got sold out/Rubio profited.” Allbritten said she made the sign because Goldman Sachs, Rubio’s fourth-largest campaign contributor, received a bailout from the Troubled Asset Relief Program, passed by Congress in 2008. She said the contribution showed Rubio benefited from the bailout.

Now that IS a baffler and a prime example of Occupy’s obstreperous obtuseness. First, Marco would most probably have voted against TARP, considering his “12 Ways to Reclaim America” advocated ending TARP immediately and returning all funds TO THE TREASURY, vice dumping whatever was left into the general fund, as Congress was attempting to do.

Well, had he BEEN in the Senate in 2008. He wasn’t even elected until TWO YEARS LATER and got a whopping $30K from them out of almost a million dollars in total donations from organizations. And, gosh. In spite of that mountain of payola, stupid little girl, the guy still wants the government to stop spending!

From where I sit ~ as a 53%er who PAYS for MY electricity, water and PERMIT if there’s ever ANYTHING I want to do in the city ~ I’d have to say the PARASITE label swings pretty firmly back on your mug. (Stopping there is an act of extreme generosity on my part.)

In addendum: for the ignorant ass on OP’s FB page who couldn’t figure out WHY a Senator would have a regional office (versus just his office in D.C….really), try researching “constituent services” when you find someplace to recharge your laptop. For a social sponger who expects everything handed to them with the latitude to throw a nasty tantrum if it’s not, I’m amazed the concept escapes you.

3 Responses to ““Marco Rubio is a Parasite””

  1. aelfheld says:

    Expecting rationality from an #OccupyWhateverist is a mug’s game.

  2. Yojimbo says:

    Rubio is a parasite and his mother probably wore Cuban Army boots.

    I suppose you have to be of a certain age for that one.

  3. Larry says:

    I’m NOT amazed that ANY concept escapes them. I AM amazed that they still have enough firing neurons to continue spontaneous breathing.

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