Marine Gunny: “We Don’t Like to Be Hushed.”

Gunnery Sgt. Stephen Roberts is the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor for the NROTC program at Ole Miss, SB Nation reported. He oversees the color guard at each Rebels home game, so he was on the field in the second quarter of the Sept. 16 Ole Miss game against Texas. That’s when ESPN cameras caught an interesting moment.

Longhorns receiver Marquise Goodwin made a 69-yard touchdown run to put Texas up 17-7 — and came face-to-face with Roberts. And then this happened:

5 Responses to “Marine Gunny: “We Don’t Like to Be Hushed.””

  1. BlackDog says:

    Judging from the expression on the cops 7 coaching staff, the gunny was extremely eloquent with his speech. It is a pity that no audio was available.

  2. Gary from Jersey says:

    No video.

  3. tree hugging sister says:

    Grrr. LiveStream feeds can be an embed pain, Gary. Try refreshing the page or just click through the link above the embed.

  4. Syd B. says:

    That young man, likely an entitlement child who has been pampered since he first put on a pair of cleats, was given a dose of in your face reality. Pity there wasn’t another camera angle to show the look on his face. I bet he doesn’t do that again.

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