It’s hard to get much cooler than that!!

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  1. JeffS says:

    That IS cool!
    When I was stationed in Germany, we were carefully briefed on not to go “treasure hunting”; thanks to the many many many European wars (not to mention the other history), there’s hardly a place where you can’t find artifacts.
    [Indeed, some of them were buried deliberately, as Nazi Germany hid a lot of weapon caches for post war guerilla activities. As Engineers do a lot of digging, we had standing orders about those. I never found one, but my company had, just a year or two before I arrived.]
    So I wasn’t surprised to read about the “illegal” souvenir searches.
    I recall one NCO who, while scuba diving in a lake, stuck his hand in the muck, and pulled up a Roman gladius. He claimed the find was accidental, and it probably was, as he requested (and received) permission from the German government to keep the sword.

  2. Marcus Laruius says:

    No Roman activity in Germania after the late first century? I have read Gibbon’s Decline and Fall and I never had that impression. That a Roman legion ran a sortie deeper into Germania than previously believed is possible, but Rome is recorded to have been struggling with the Germans in Germania well into the second century, it was a large part of Marcus Aurelius’ activities.
    On treasure hunting; I lived in Slovenia for a couple years. In the province of Gorenska, there is a beautiful lake named Bled. There is a persistent rumor there that the Nazis dumped a cache of gold into the lake as they fled the Balkans and found the Alps passages daunting with their load. There was only one tunnel Lubeil – that they had built using slave labor and it was risky. So scuba divers are periodically scavaging the lake for the treasure.

  3. Marcus Laruius says:

    On the opening scene of “Gladiator;” I always wondered if it was some sort of joke when they have the Germans chanting the same war chant as was used long before in the late 1960s in the movie “Zulu.” The Germans are chanting in the Zulu language. Some producers notion of a joke on viewers or among themselves?

  4. Ebola says:

    roflmao. Joe-ahkin Phoenix? Jesus, surprised he didn’t say Foe-nix.

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