Maybe “2012” Is On To Something…

I imagine this made the baggage-handlers’ lives rather interesting

KINSHASA, Congo — A U.N.-run radio station says a passenger plane overshot a runway in eastern Congo and landed in lava, injuring 20 people.
Radio Okapi said the plane was flying from Kinshasa to Goma on Thursday and passengers had warned the crew that there were heavy clouds. One passenger told the station that the plane had landed in lava near Goma’s airport.

Gaia is not amused…

4 Responses to “Maybe “2012” Is On To Something…”

  1. Ave says:

    The passengers warned the crew???

  2. Mr. Bingley says:

    Yeah, that gives one a certain…confidence…in that airline, doesn’t it?

  3. Ebola says:

    If you LAND in lava isn’t 20 injuries sorta nice? Yer sittin in a tin coffin on molten magma, how the hell’d they get out?

  4. Ave says:

    By following the emergency lava lamps.

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