Maybe These Guys Haven’t Got the Message Yet

“Young people now have a lot of possibilities for the future.”

ACK!! No, No , NO! It’s doom, we’ re DOOMED DOOMED doomdedy doomdoomdoomed!!! More evidence of the apolcalypse

Its four oldest trees — in fact, the four oldest pine trees in Greenland, named Rosenvinge’s trees after the Dutch botanist who planted them in a mad experiment in 1893 — are waking up. After lapsing into stately, sleepy old age, they are exhibiting new sprinklings of green at their tops, as if someone had glued on fresh needles.
“The old ones, they’re having a second youth,” said Mr. Bjerge, 78, who has watched the forest, called Qanasiassat, come to life, in fits and starts, since planting most of the trees in it 50 years ago. He beamed like a proud grandson. “They’re growing again.”

Talk about a mixed frickin’ message… As for ‘Greenland’ just being real estate hype…

…Greenland, a self-governing province of Denmark, was settled by the pugilistic Viking Erik the Red in the 10th century, after his murderous ways got him ejected from Iceland. Legend has it that he called it Greenland as a way to entice others to join him, and, in fact, it was.
It was relatively green then, with forests and fertile soil, and the Vikings grew crops and raised sheep for hundreds of years.

Until frozen over during the Little Ice Age, which incoveniently for the farmers, came out of nowhere. Got damn cold. I love how they say they’re growing AGAIN. Things have to have been green and hospitable ONCE for them to do it AGAIN, n’est pas? And the Greenlanders they talk to are positively giddy about turning the southern part of the island into a self sustaining agri-belt.

Al Gore may be having a cow about glaciers but in Narsarsauq they’re on the phone ordering from the Burpee catalogue. “Shit howdy! FRESH beefsteaks next year!”
The one thing that’s bugging me and needs further explanation is polar bears. Assuming that the pack ice retreated the same way it has now when Greenland turned…um…green, WHAT did the polar bears do? I mean there HAD to have been polar bears lumbering around, stealing sheep or something. They adapted then, right?

Common sense ~ they HAD to have or there wouldn’t be any here now. We’d be digging their frozen, partialy thawed, retch inducing corpses out of permafrost otherwise: fodder for Discovery Channel’s “Raise the Frozen Carcass ~ Look at Those Tiny Gonads (the technical term)” series. Somebody needs to ask one what he remembers. I’ll let Bingley do that ~ he’s the people person out of the three of us.

2 Responses to “Maybe These Guys Haven’t Got the Message Yet”

  1. Mr. Bingley says:

    What I want to know is what caused the warmth up until the Mini Ice Age. Funny the Gerbil Warmongerists conveniently forget about this.
    I’m actually rather shocked any reference to its existence made it past Pravda’s censors…they must have been distracted by visions of tiny ‘nads.

  2. Yeah, no sh*t. I kept asking major dad (who read it in the paper yestiddy) “Is that the TRAVEL section?!?” Because I could not CONCEIVE that it would make the front section, all perky and warm as it was.

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