McCain’s Years in the Hanoi Hilton

“No Big Deal”?
Why’s the Left so worried about Gitmo inhabitants then? Especially after every San Francisco reporter clawed their way to the front of the Give Waterboarding a TRY This Summer! amusement park line.
I don’t see anyone volunteering for:

Spend a Day as John McCain circa 1968!
It’s Really NO BIG DEAL!!

One Response to “McCain’s Years in the Hanoi Hilton”

  1. The_Real_JeffS says:

    This is how lefties “support” the troops…..eventually, they’ll insult and demean the actions and service of the military. It matters not who or where they served. To the Left, the military is made of of second class citizens, one and all.
    As for Clark…..coming from the man who nearly started WWIII in the Balkans, the irony is so thick that I had to crank up my firewall settings to read his drivel.

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