Media Sources Had the Foley Emails

last year.

…The St. Petersburg Times said that last November, it received copies of an e-mail exchange between Mr. Foley and a former page from Louisiana. The newspaper said the boy, who was under age, did not want his name used, and the paper said it did not want to publish accusations based on unnamed sources. The Miami Herald apparently received the same information, although it is not clear when it received it.
Brian Ross of ABC News said he learned about the e-mail messages in August but was too busy with Hurricane Katrina and the anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks to pursue them immediately. None of the organizations seemed to anticipate how big the story would become.

Who in Congress knew and when?
And oh Lord, is it ever going to get dirty.

In North Carolina, where Representative Robin Hayes, a Republican, is engaged in a tough campaign fight, the state Democratic Party issued a statement asking, “Who does Robin Hayes stand up for — Mark Foley and the Republican House leadership or under-age children?”

Damn! But Brian Ross is reporting hearing from more pages about others in Congress, so it might behoove the Democrats to contain their disgust and outrage to Mr. Foley for the present.

A former senior Republican official in Congress says Foley was one of a handful of members and staff whose behavior with pages was being closely watched.
But so far Foley is the only member whose overt sexual approaches have been documented.

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