Miller, Schmiller, Plame, Flame ~ I’m Confused

I’ve read read this article 6 times and still can’t figure out WTF happened. Miller knew and then she didn’t. The New Yawk Times thought she knew, but didn’t know for sure, so they never knew one way or the other what she really knew. Scooter Libbey has a goofy name for a grown man. Karl Rove is Satan. Saddest quote in the whole thing?

“The Times felt helpless,” Rosen said. “It couldn’t print the news. It was very much trapped.”

Sometimes it’s a blessing in disguise and the Times should try can’t ‘print the news‘ more often. The Washington Post has it’s own credibility, ‘truth in reporting’ problems. After noting “Bloggers were much blunter“, what ‘blogger’ do they quote first?

“This is as believable as Woodward and Bernstein not recalling who Deep Throat was,” wrote columnist Arianna Huffington.

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