More Bush Attacks On Our Democracy

When will people say “enough is enough?

(CNN) — A Federal judge sentenced Democratic leader George Clooney to five days in jail Sunday, a day after the actor-turned-politician and other protesters were arrested at a pro-democracy demonstration in Washington.
Clooney was charged and sentenced Sunday for organizing an unsanctioned procession, resisting arrest and chanting anti-government slogans.
The actor said his conviction is part of a government effort to harass him.
“Everything you heard here is a lie,” he told reporters outside the courtroom. “All my rights were violated from the outset, from the moment of my detention.”
Clooney said his arrest was intended to ensure that President George Bush’s party holds on to power. Bush is slated to step down next year at the end of his second consecutive term in office.
Though America’s constitution prohibits a third consecutive term, Bush is expected to attempt to retain power in some form.

It disgusts me how democratic freedoms and rights have been trampled by this regime. No wonder the world is justified in crying out as one against such abuses of basic civil rights.
Oops, silly me, it was that rascal Putin fellow. Well, that’s all right then.
Nothing to see here, folks…cultural differences and all that.

2 Responses to “More Bush Attacks On Our Democracy”

  1. RebeccaH says:

    Only in the slammer for five days? Boy, totalitarian regimes aren’t what they used to be.

  2. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Mayhaps Clooney will zoom over to Russia to make a movie in support of Kasparov.
    I can even suggest a working title: “To Russia, With Love”.

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