More Crazies In Florida

Now I’m not saying that our favorite Cracker is involved, but sometimes ya’ just gotta wonder:

ST PETERSBURG, Florida (AP) — A woman and her roommate were charged with starving the woman’s 9-year-old daughter, who weighed just 42 pounds when she was found, authorities said.
The child also was locked up all day and was forced to wear a filthy diaper, police said.
Melissa Samoraj, 27, and Raymond LaFountain, 31, were arrested Wednesday and charged with aggravated child abuse.

Now, that is horrific enough, but then effects of the Miracle Whip evidently kicked in:

LaFountain was originally described by police as Samoraj’s live-in boyfriend, but the gender classification at the jail was changed from male to female following a routine strip search, Pinellas sheriff’s spokesman Mac McMullen said.

It warps minds and bodies, it does.

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