More efforts…

to save us from ourselves
God Forbid parents actually feed their kids decent stuff at home, in whivh case the one meal of crap at school would be of little consequence. Nope, easier to let someone else fix it for you.

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  1. Cullen says:

    Oh yeah. We’ll make our kids want to go to school even more.
    How about this … let the kids actually get outside and do something. My 6-year-old first grader doesn’t have a SINGLE RECESS! There is one short period of PE, but they have no free play in their day at all.

  2. Cullen says:

    I tried to post something earlier — it didn’t work.
    Anywho … I have a lot less problem with my first-grader’s school lunch menu than I do with the curriculum. The have NO RECESS. Not one. A short, organized PE class is all they get.

  3. Crusader says:

    The curriculum is much of the reason we homeschool, Cullen. Pretty sad stuff here in NC. The food in the cafeteria was pretty good, tho. The pizza was not as good as the ones I got in school years ago in NJ tho, sadly.

  4. Cullen says:

    We’ve debated it. Our middle child is too young for school here, so we work with her at home. However, in Louisiana, she attended a private school where my wife and mother worked.
    I like the idea of controlling a curriculum and being able to focus on my daughter’s weak areas. However, we are very active in her education, so we do that at home anyway. School is a place where she gets most of her social interaction, so I don’t want to take that away .
    It’s hard. I see the benefits of both. I think as long as we stay active in our kid’s education things are fine.

  5. Crusader says:

    Yeah, alot depends on where you live. Spend one weekend at my house and you’ll see that socialization is not an issue. Actually, it is somewhat of an issue, cause if he learns one more way to kick my butt on XBOX I’ll ground him until he is 21.

  6. (Fascist sore loser. Great example YOU are.)

  7. Cullen says:

    Your problem is that you have an XBOX. Sony all the way man.

  8. Crusader says:

    Ya know, I really debated getting the PS2, but the graphics just didn’t impress me, and the quality of the PS2s is what drove the last nail in its coffin for me. Just about everyone I know with a PS2 has had a bunch of problems with theirs. Plus the XBOX live is muxh better to me than the PS2 method. Lastly, the PS2 controllers just suck, IM(NS)HO.

  9. Cullen says:

    You’re the first person I’ve every heard complain about the PS2 controller. It is usually the other way around. I cannot stand the XBOX controller.
    Admittedly, the XBOX was a superior system in stats, but the PS2 still capped it in sales and software support. The PS3, from everything I’ve read, is far superior to the XBOX 360.
    I haven’t bought a new system since the original PS, but I’m probably going to pick up the PS3. While folks can debate graphics, hardware engine, etc. the thing that really puts the PS3 over the 360, to me, is its support of Blu Ray technology.
    The battles between XBOX and PS are great to watch though. You have two corporations going at it who are both well versed in putting the competition out of business.

  10. Mr. Bingley says:

    I’ve got no real complaints on the ps2 controller, except that i keep breaking r1 buttons.

  11. Crusader says:

    I think my dislike of the PS2 controller comes from the fact that I went straight from N64 to Xbox, and the PS series controllers are nothing like the N64, which was what I was used to.
    As for PS2 problems, I have a couple friends who are on their 3rd PS2s, due to them ceasing to function. Plus gotten similar stories from other owners, enough to convince me it was not an anomaly. And since it took mucho…um…negotiating to get the CAG to sign off on the play system upgrade requisition order, I went for the XBOX. Prolly be a few more years before I can go to XBOXZ 360 or PS3 (heck, the N64 was the newest we had until March, when I got the Xbox, of this year) so I can’t complain about the XBOX.
    Now if I could just find an Atari 2600 console I could afford, life would be really good……

  12. Mr. Bingley says:

    OMG, that looks horrible!
    Stick a fork in Nintendo; they’re done.

  13. Crusader says:

    Whoa, odd controller there.

  14. Correct me (happily non-gaming type and what is wrong with YOU people?) if I’m wrong, but couldn’t a little controller enthusiasm seperate part A from part B on that thing? Rip the cord clean out?

  15. Cullen says:

    It’s a testosterone thing THS.

  16. The_Real_JeffS says:

    Not completely, Cullen. I don’t have any video games, and I don’t want any.
    Having said that, I have played video games of different types. They just don’t push my button, is all.

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