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Also, in case you haven’t done it yet (glued to the tv like most of us), don’t forget to call your mortgage companies, start your insurance claim even though you don’t know the status, call all your credit card companies, loans, etc. They’re ALL doing payment deferrments for 30-90 days or more! Hibernia has frozen ALL credit card and loan payments until January 1 2006!

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  1. Cullen says:

    THS and Bingley, I didn’t want this to get buried, so I’m posting it in an only somewhat related thread.
    My wife is Mormon and, as some of you may be aware, the LDS churches have an outreach program almost as large as the Salvation Army. They had eight semis full of gas, generators and supplies heading out of Monroe, LA to bring disaster relief.
    Anyway, a crew from her church here headed out to Mobile to bring some relief — mainly wanting to clear debris, bring some gas and water to folks (members primarily). They said that Mobile was pretty much back to normal, so they headed on into Biloxi.
    They said the Mississippi was wiped out. They couldn’t believe how bad it was. In one part, they said they saw a guy from the power company trying to clear a downed power line from the road. They said some guy jumped him yelling, “Give me power! I want power to my house!” It took 5 of them to get him off the power company guy.
    Anyway, they did some work down there. I’m probably going to go with them next weekend. Just wanted to spread some information (third or fourth party that it is) that you don’t hear on the news. I was especially surprised to hear how well off Mobile was.

  2. Good for them, Cullen! The worst parts of Mobile County are actually Dauphin Island, at the base of Mobile Bay. I’m so sorry they wasted that precious fuel getting there. But if I can get the pics from the ST next door, you will see what catastrophe is when you see pics of Biloxi. For heavens’ sake, they have tremendous damage and still don’t have power 90 miles NORTH of Gulfport. That’s 100 miles inland this thing devastated. People in Peoria watching the news have no CLUE the scope of what has been wiped from the face of the earth. New Orleans is still there, to watch it drown. The Gulf Coast of Mississippi and inland are GONE.

  3. Cullen says:

    Oh yeah. My brother in law is in Columbia, MS (right outside Hattiesburg) and he still doesn’t have power.
    However, I wouldn’t say GONE, but definitely very, very hurt. Power is being restored in small bouts. My father-in-law works at Domino’s Pizza right outside Keesler AFB and he said there’s power there now. Which means he probably has power back at his trailer as he lives about a mile from Dominos.

  4. Cullen, this one I have to amend to a certain extent. For the coast itself and, in places, a good couple miles inland from the coast, it’s gone. As in G. O. N. E. GONE. I should have been a little clearer there. Keesler is on the same runway in Biloxi that the ST was working. That was wind damage and I’m glad they’ve got lights on. Woo hoo, that! But, for the folks on the ocean drive, through Gulfport, Pass Christian and beyond, those little, bitty fishing towns, they’re gone. Power is being restored in small bouts to the small things still standing.

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