More on the Ann Romney Attacks

…from the Boston Herald.

What if Hilary Rosen’s assault on Ann Romney wasn’t a mistake?

…Mother Jones magazine’s Stephen Robert Morse wrote, “I don’t blame Ann Romney for marrying a man whose salary and family wealth made it such that she didn’t have to work.”

Instead he blames anyone who believes “housewives, domestic engineers, or whatever other in-vogue term they are being called today, work as hard as women who .?.?. work outside of the home.”

The left’s message to stay-at-home moms: “Dumb, lazy and submissive is no way to go through life, girl.”

On what planet is this a winning strategy? And yet the attacks continue.

Ah, but note that part about Romney’s “family wealth.” It recalls President Barack Obama’s recent comment that back in Chicago, he and Michelle “didn’t have the luxury for her not to work.” The “luxury.”

Meanwhile prominent liberal Markos Moulitsas of the Daily Kos says the most relevant question is “How many nannies did the Romney household employ?” You know, because of all that breast-cancer, MS-infused “luxury?”

Could it be that Team Obama is so invested in the class-envy strategy that every issue — even motherhood — will be used to attack the Romneys for their wealth?

Now there’s a question with an obvious answer, only I’d amend it to say simply say “that Team Obama is so invested and will use ANY strategy at hand“.

“Wealth” and “moms” is just the choice of the moment and the campaign is young.


ths update: And they keep digging, trying to change the meme…

…Well, I’d like to demand that Ann Romney apologize to all women for equating the “struggle” of a wealthy mother who had full-time household help to that of a poor or working-class job-holding mother, who must choose between her job and her children when a child gets sick. How dare you, madam? Have you no shame? I’d like to demand that Mitt Romney apologize for his wife’s remarks, too. I’d like to hear every prominent Republican denounce Ann Romney for her heinous insensitivity to non-wealthy mothers who must work outside the home.

Wait. Ann Romney’s not a Democrat, and I’m not a Republican, so that’s not how the world works. Sorry about that. I apologize…

That’s the editor of Salon, Joan Walsh, talking there. She’s really clever, too.

Oh, they’re a charming bunch, the lot of them.

9 Responses to “More on the Ann Romney Attacks”

  1. JeffS says:

    This campaign is going to be even uglier than I first imagined. Obama is playing with a poor hand, possibly even losing. He and his minions want to win. So, all bets are off.

  2. ricki says:

    If they’re trying to encourage a “sexy catfight,” they’re going about it totally the wrong way.

    (I know, this isn’t really funny. But this is one of those “either you can laugh or cry” situations.)

  3. Syd B. says:

    Liberals just can’t help themselves. Some of them could benefit from a lesson my father taught me many years ago when he said to me, “Never miss an opportunity to keep your mouth shut.”

    From the Ed Show last night:

  4. Skyler says:

    They don’t want to win as much as they want to impose the teachings of Marx and Lenin. They want to win but it’s more important to them to teach and instruct on how to be good contributing proletarians.

  5. AliceH says:

    Skyler – you’re definitely on to something there, but I’d take it one more step. To them, winning is defined, not by getting elected, but by the complete subjugation of deviating beliefs. What else explains same sex marriage demand by the crowd that does not believe marriage has value in the first place? They don’t want what you/we/others have – they want you/we/everyone to both give up heretical beliefs AND loudly and repeatedly affirm they are right.

  6. aelfheld says:

    Remember Blair Hull and Jack Ryan.

  7. Firehand says:

    Back when my kids were small and money was REAL tight, wife thought about getting a job. Then she worked out the costs of
    work clothes
    Daycare for the kids when not in school
    and so forth, and it just wasn’t worth it.
    Of course, she was just a dumb at-home mom, so what did she know?

  8. Gunslinger says:

    The administration wants to keep the focus of the voters on anything but the tanking economy, unemployment, and continued runaway deficit spending.

  9. NJSue says:

    Barack Obama said that his family couldn’t afford the “luxury” of a non-working parent at home when his wife was pulling in a 300K salary as a hospital administrator. Sure they could. Barack could have easily stayed home with his wife making that kind of money. We all would have been better off.

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