More Stench In The Garden State

Gov. Corzine’s $470,000 ‘gift’ to his ex-girlfriend just never seems to go away. Now it seems that Carla Katz, who is paid $102,000 a year as head of the Communications Workers of America Local 1034, is fulfilling some long awaited plans for the house. Good for her; I just had some work done on my house too. She is a much better organizer than I could ever hope to be, however, for on her income she’s able to fund a $550,000 ‘renovation’ project:

Katz…began the long-planned renovation of the house in January. It includes a 3,200 square foot addition, a swimming pool and spa and a new septic system.

Her addition is twice the size of my whole house. The septic system is a nice touch, I thought. Maybe it has a marble-lined tank; come to think of it, it’s more likely Teflon, given how none of the shit ever seems to stick to her or Corzine.
She must be using Hillary’s broker too because on her modest salary, in addition to funding this little half-million dollar bit of handyman work about the house

A month earlier, state and county records show, Katz paid $1.1 million for a condominium in the same Hoboken building where Corzine lives. There was no record of a mortgage or a loan for either property, and Katz has refused to discuss the source of the money or anything about her personal finances.

Nice, huh?
Oh, and what’s the most delicious part of this?

Katz, president of the largest local representing state employees, is currently in the midst of a major expansion and renovation of the house in Alexandria Township — with nonunion labor.
The general contractor Katz hired for the job said yesterday he does not usually employ union workers, nor does his contract with Katz require that he do so.
“If she had wanted me to, sure, I would have. I’ve got no problem with that,” Dorsey Reading, the contractor from Erwinna, Pa., said.
Katz said Reading was mistaken: “Of course I asked for the renovations to be made with union labor and the contractor has assured me that he’s made all efforts to do so,” she said in an e-mailed response to a phone message.
Katz declined to provide a copy of the contract showing the stipulation that union labor be used on the $550,000 project. She would not answer questions by phone.
The contractor later called back and said that upon further reflection he remembered Katz had asked him to use union workers: “I forgot we had talked about that at the beginning of the whole thing, months ago,” Reading said. But, he added, because it was not a large project it was difficult to find union workers, and he has not hired any for the job.

Hehehe, I wonder what ‘jogged’ his memory…
As always, Enlighten NJ has more information on “NOLA on the Delaware”.

7 Responses to “More Stench In The Garden State”

  1. “Nice little renovation y’got here. Be a shame if somethin’ was t’happen to it.”

  2. ed says:

    1. Corizine as Gov needs to show in his public tax filings the distribution of gifts doesn’t he?
    If she’s relying heavily on Corizine’s generosity it’s still a tax-related issue regardless of how sleazy it looks.
    2. I might be a little out of touch on this but didn’t Corizine have to put his wealth into a blind trust when he became Gov? Does having a blind trust allow you to engage in these shenanigans?

  3. Mr. Bingley says:

    It seems he did a lot of this canoodling prior to being elected Gov, and even his Senate filings had some ‘oops’ in them. I’ll have to look and see if I can find them, ed.

  4. ed says:

    I like parts of New Jersey, particularly the food, but the politics is really aggravating. Frankly I think NJ is in a seriously bad downslide due to taxes and the inability to cut state spending.
    And of course Corazine is obviously looking at the White House.

  5. I hear a prior governor did a little canoodling too…

  6. Kcruella says:

    Rumor has it he prepaid for her kids’ tuition at a private school in Pa. Where was he when I was forking over the cash my little ray of sunshine to go to the local Catholic school?

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