Morons Of The World Unite!

Had a great time at the Hoboken Moron Meetup last night. A thousand thanks to the organizer.

In joyous celebration thereof, read this

In the Future, Socialism Will Advance Through “Insurance”

There are two functions of real insurance: hedging against a risk and risk-sharing for those risks we choose to share.

One in ten thousand people might suffer rectal cancer. It probably makes sense for most people, on a voluntary basis, to decide (voluntarily) to pay in a little money for insurance so that if they suffer such a catastrophic and expensive illness, they’ll be covered.

…On the other hand there are things which are not risks: Cost of housing. Food costs. Voluntary contraception costs. These are not risks, as the “odds” such costs will be incurred is 100%, and hence cannot be “insured” against.

Do you want to eat? You’re going to have to budget for food. No one can insure you against the possibility you might need food.

Read all of it. Ace has it exactly right on how the “Mission Creep” er creeps down that slippery slide slope of jumbled metaphors.

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