Mr. Obama: Your Current, Triumphant Diplomatic Headlines?

Marines on Ground in Yemen, as Mobs Attack Embassies in Tunsia, Sudan

URGENT: Angry Muslim mobs scale walls of US Embassies in Sudan and Tunisia, breaking windows and setting fires as anti-American violence flares in Cairo and throughout North Africa and Middle East following attacks on US diplomatic posts on 9/11. Violence also spread to Tripoli, Libya where a mob burned KFC and Arby’s restaurants in protest of Pope Benedict’s visit.

FoxNews keeps breaking in with video of smoke streaming from within the embassy compound in Tunisia. With. IN.

Your administration’s bloody handprints are ALL OVER THIS, pal. But the world is on fire, our people in the middle and the White House is EMPTY.

So, say hey! Anybody heard from Vegas Guy this morning?

Or last night? And I mean running his mouth in regards to the safety of Americans, not the safety of his temporary office chair.


One Response to “Mr. Obama: Your Current, Triumphant Diplomatic Headlines?”

  1. Ensign Redshirt says:

    Classic “Junior Officer in a panic” CF

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